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“Those unfamiliar with Sattler's previous work will be impressed by the level of detail in this text. Two chapters apply to all assessment practices. Chapter 1 is a superb overview of best practices for evaluators and has several useful resources, including administration checklists, observations to make during testing, and acculturation interviews. Chapter 8 reviews the structure of reports, principles of report writing, and guidelines for writing clearly. The appendices are impressive, including standardization checklists, tables for calculating confidence intervals, tables for statistical significance and base rates for score differences, and conversion tables for short-form composite scores. . . . Administration guidelines and interpretative suggestions are meticulously described, a welcome addition for the recently developed subtests (e.g., Picture Span, Immediate Symbol Translation). There are questions that assist in gathering qualitative information and suggestions for testing the limits, both of which can help practitioners understand complex cases. . . . It is a model of detailed description and interpretation for the WISC–V and WPPSI–IV.”
—Christipher R. Niileksela, PhD, 2017, Communiqué, 45(5), 38

“It is difficult to avoid an abundance of superlatives when discussing Sattler’s most recent contribution to the field of assessment. Assessment of Children: WISC–V and WPPSI–IV meets and exceeds the high expectations that previous editions have consistently met. This iconic work, already indispensable in the field, only gets better with the addition of Dumont and Coalson’s contributions. Importantly, this newest edition retains the reliable, familiar format of its predecessors while recognizing the myriad, emerging advances in the field of contemporary practice. I could neither practice nor teach without it! For over twenty years, I have had a copy of Sattler on my desk…never more than an arm’s reach away! Students and fellow practitioners have been anxiously awaiting its release. 
    The following incident says it all: When one of my interns was asked administer the new WISC–V, her first question was “Where’s the Sattler book?” Actions speak louder than words. For me, assessment without an accompanying Sattler text is like going down a dark path without a flashlight.”
—Joan Struzziero, PhD, University of Massachusetts–Boston

“Love your text! Thank you for publishing it.” 
Jane Stafford, PhD, University of South Carolina, Aiken

“The book is awesome. Once again, well done.”
—Renia E Brown-Cobb, PhD, Virginia State University


“Your book is a resource that our students can use for many years and that's why I've been teaching with your book for 20 years. Thanks Dr. S.” 

Myra Beth Bundy, PhD, Eastern Kentucky University


“I wanted to let you know how valuable I find the WISC–V Administrative Checklist.  It is so helpful when teaching my doctoral students this test. Thanks!”

—Sandra B. Evarrs, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“I was trained with your books and now I love using them in teaching my doctoral courses. You’ve touched many trainees!”
—Megan Foley Nicpon, PhD, University of Iowa


“I wouldn't teach an assessment class without your text!  We consider it to be the ‘gold standard’.”
—Angela Bloomquist, PHD, California University of Pennsylvania


"Assessment of Children: WISC–V and WPPSI–IV is classic Sattler—clearly written, concise, accurate, and highly useful.”
—Jim Rust, PhD, Middle Tennessee State University


“The text is written with refreshing clarity, the information is essential for both graduate students and experienced clinicians, the explanations and recommendations are insightful, and the myriad of clear, practical tables permit greatly enhanced use and interpretation of the scales. An indispensable text that all evaluators should have!”

—John O. Willis, EdD., Rivier University 


“Another gold standard textbook!”

—Huba Ann Ray, EDD., Evangel University 


“Sattler has done it again! A required resource for anyone assessing children with the new Wechsler scales.”

—Jack Martin, PhD, University of Detroit Mercy


“Any practitioner can benefit immensely by using Assessment of Children: WISC–V and WPPSI–IV. It is by far the most comprehensive, informative, and in-depth resource available that covers these two new Wechsler scales!"

—Shai Tabib, Fairleigh Dickinson University


“This text will be my guide, as it should be for every school psychology trainee and practicing clinician.”

—Elisabeth G. Endrikat, M.A. Fairleigh Dickinson University


“A must-have resource for students and clinicians!”

—Helen M. Stallman, PhD, University of South Australia


“For all levels of expertise, this text delivers tons of detailed information to orient and anchor the beginning assessor, while helping seasoned clinicians strengthen their conceptual understanding of these essential tests. The solid recommendations will be appreciated by both parents and teachers.”

—Jan Gregory, PhD, University of California, Berkeley


“This edition continues to advance the knowledge base of novice and veteran practitioners alike. A must have text!”

—Daniel F. McCleary, PhD, Stephen F. Austin State University


“A clear, comprehensive text for both the seasoned professional and graduate student.”

—Sal Massa, PhD, Red Hook CSD


“The Sattler texts are the cornerstone of understanding assessment for both novice and experienced psychologists. I used them in my training nearly 20 years ago and continue to use them to train students in my graduate school psychology classes. The text is thorough and well organized, and provides examples readily useful for interpreting and reporting assessment results.”

—Michelle LaForest, Psy.D., Adelphi University, Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies


“A thorough and detailed text, this guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who conducts Wechsler assessments, both graduate students and professionals! Administration, scoring, interpretation, and any number of questions are all answered in this book. I will be using it for years to come!”

— Chelsea Morgan, MA, Fairleigh Dickinson University


“All school psychologists and clinicians should have Assessment of Children: WISC–V and WPPSI–IV on their bookshelf. The book is a great reference for the new editions of these Wechsler scales.”

—Kristen Bierwirth, PhD, South Kingstown Public Schools, Rhode Island


“The Sattler texts continue to be invaluable resources for both the teaching and practice of assessment. Whether in the classroom or the clinic, they are absolutely essential to conduct competent and professional evaluations!”

—Paul Deal, PhD, Missouri State University


“The Sattler texts endure because of their outstanding quality. They provide valuable information for both the novice assessor and the experienced assessor.”

—Elizabeth Levin, PhD, Laurentian University


“Your text is second to none! It's the only text published that is sufficient to meet the training needs of students and providing updated information for current psychologists.”

—Antanas "Tony" Levinskas, PhD, Capella University

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